How can we build learning organizations capable of reaching high goals that are meaningful to everyone, and for which individuals are willing to give their best while blossoming in diversity? In a changing and endangered world, those who will meet this challenge will create lasting communities and increase their chances of achieving a sustainable future.


Transformation of large complex systems

Facilitator of transformations

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A team be it at top management level or the level of an individual project, is always a living organism with its own cycles: building the team, clarifying the mission, defining roles and operating principles, integrating new members,dealing with crisis, regularly assessing progress and knowledge gained, bringing to a close...  these are critical moments that demand attention and care. The capacity of team members to be genuinely open to one another, to listen and to learn together in any situations forms the basis for the team’s performance.


Team transformation

To be alive is to grow. Leaders and managers who cease transforming themselves simply repeat themselves. They stop being a source of living energy for those around them. Coaching, training in Change and Leadership, in Emotional Intelligence, and in Presence, circles of managerial development will help you develop your potential throughout your career using new challenges as opportunity to grow.


Personal transformation

We all becoming aware that our time calls for transformations that go beyond superficial fixes and magic solutions entailing the re-invention of our institutions and organizations, and of our ways of thinking, behaving and being together. The issue is both an individual and collective one. And it is precisely by articulating these two dimensions that we will be able to co-create a meaningful future amid the dangers that threaten us and the planet.

In large complex interdependent systems, transformation cannot be brought by a one-sided decision. But, when all the stakeholders connect in authentic ways, the system can become aware of itself and shift in unpredictable ways. The challenge is to maintain spaces open for true encounters facilitating the emergence of new representations, renewed trust, and the prototyping of new possibilities. 


Organizational transformation

I facilitate transformations on 4 different levels :

  1. Individual transformations

  (top executives and change agents,...)

  1. Team transformations

  (board, management teams, project team,...)

  1. Organizational transformation

  (business, NGO’s...)

  1. and more recently, transformations of complex systems