Team transformation


Teams evolve wether they want to or not. Under the pressure of time and results, many teams simply survive, shrink or break up. The key then is to consciously chose a positive transformation for the project as a whole and involving each team member.

This require taking the time to positively appreciate your work, to reassess its meaning, and to find room for movement and play.

Once a team truly starts to enjoy learning together, it shifts and reaches a superior level of synchronization and energy. A performing team is one that has learned to dream together, to think together, to decide and act together. It enjoys what it does.

A seminar is always tailored to the needs of the team and designed as a process over time. It starts from the point where the team is at,taking into account its goals, helping it go as far it can, step by step. Each seminar is an original mix of work on 1) the direction - vision - stakes and business goals 2) relationships among the team members and with the outside. These are unique moments combining “hard” and “soft”, method and creativity, intense work and pleasure, in an integral perspective that allows expression of all the aspects of individual and collective reality. testimonials


Transforming oneself, is all about learning

Learning journeys and creative pathways

Learning from Japan, India, northern European countries, or from the wilderness...

Learning from the experience of unusual practices that call for all the dimensions of the self :  movement, voice, rhythm, painting, writing...

Learning at the heart of the business when travelling is not an option...

Stepping aside in order to acquire a fresh perspective and to reconnect with oneself...

I enjoy guiding teams on creative paths that are always a made to measure adventure... an unforgettable human experience.

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