Transformation of complex sectors


Water is a critical sector for humanity. I had the privilege to design and host a cycle of exploratory dialogues between world leaders from the water industry and water distribution and leading NGO’s.

These semi-official gatherings were steps on the long road toward enlightened water governance.


Stories of water - preparation of the Kyoto forum

More and more leaders in the political, social, and business worlds acknowledge privately if not publicly the failure of pre-defined programs designed by “experts” . They are becoming more acutely aware of the impossibility of operating on one’s own and of the need to call on all parties to carve a path through the issues that facing us.

My work is to help these pioneers trust their own true inspiration, connect with one another and become “callers” beyond their organizational borders : a path where each one has to learn.

First in Dresden in 2007, then in Bilbao in 2008. the European World Café team, has created an innovative model of social intervention to stimulate collective intelligence at the level of a city. Imagine all the vital sectors of the city -  the chamber of commerce, universities, museum , local TV, Church, neighborhoods, even the prison...convening for three days of dialogues

on the questions of greatest importance to their communities. This social approach based on principles of the World Café, was the starting point for profound local transformations.

Stories of cities - the European World Café gatherings

A pressing need

The Menlo Lab initiated by Tracy Huston from Nissan, brought together pioneers in multi-sector transformation - We support one another in concrete systemic change projects. The first projects focused on schools, energy distribution, and health... Together, we learn and invent ways to help leaders and change agents resource and sustain their transformative energy against contrary winds.

Story of pioneers - the Menlo Lab

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