Team Transformation

“I would never have thought that it was possible!”

Hervé Gouezel

CIO - BNP Paribas

Board member

“I called on Pierre twice in different situations of major change. Each time,

he brought a lot of added value, both in terms of method and humanity,

which helped unite and stimulate the energy of my Executive Committee.

Thanks to his business acumen, his empathy and his capacity to provoke

situations that help change our frame of reference, Pierre helped us reach

a real consensus on the direction and the expression of the company

strategy. In my opinion, this was the starting point of success!

Lionel Reboul  

CEO Nestlé Waters Direct France

“ We would never have gone as far as we did without Pierre Goirand”

Philippe Noubel

CEO Arval BNP Paribas

“This seminar is the epitome of modernity. This is the first time that I have felt that a seminar has shaken us where it is the most difficult : Pierre helped us sense what is changing, challenge our own personal managerial practices while and imagine new behaviors while ensuring a good atmosphere.  Your facilitation is very powerful yet very respectful of the individual : that to my mind is what makes it “modern”.

Frédéric Delorme

CEO SNCF Engineering

“Pierre managed to facilitate our very first seminar with a multicultural team of CEO’s from our subsidiaries: Chinese, Egyptian, Lithuanian, French and Canadian. At a time when everything is pulling people apart (cultures, religions, character...) how can we find the right behavior and the right words? how can we bring about dialogue so that everyone can contribute to building the firm’s vision? Pierre was convincing because of his simplicity, his ability to listen, and his methods. As years go by, he has become the coach of our Group Managing Board" Thank you”

Benoît Dalle
CEO Saneco Group

"Thanks to a genine desire to understand the situation and the issues facing us, his acute listening skills and a real flexibility without ever imposing himself as a facilitator, Pierre helped us host a great New Year event. Key ideas were communicated thanks to an original mise en scene. above all, they were expressed with authenticity, warmth and intimacy. There is no one better than Pierre for giving meaning and humanity to strategic intentions. "

Christophe Hubert Poulain

CEO Theramex – Mercks

Extract from the audit certification report ISO AFAQ AFNOR :

4.3 Communication of strategy and employee participation (Quality and Environment)

“ This is the most remarkable item of the transition 2 audit :

Indeed, the new executive committee launched an exemplary participative and empowering process to define and roll out the 2008-2012  strategy. 4 key strategic directions with relevant indicators have been translated in local projects. These projects allow frontline employees to contribute to the strategic goals : this is a real case study for a process approach as defined in ISO 9001”

4.4 ensure that policies meet customer satisfaction (Quality and Environment).

“The level of customer satisfaction continues to be monitored more than ever. A very original process of “ listening to customer needs and expectations” based on filmed interviews and participative gatherings produced improved actions and better contracting”


“I feel I made a leap forward. I am now able to step out of the playing field and look at the game differently from the stands. I have keys to behave differently. Pierre has helped me prepare for difficult challenges. His positive and kind attitude has been comforting. His non-judgmental approach helped me go far.”

Business Unit Director - Transport

“Pierre made great demands of me. He managed to show me when I was ducking issues but always in a respectful and tactful way.”

Chief of Operation - Chemical Industry

“Pierre introduced me to the field of emotional intelligence. The discovery of this huge field has transformed my relations to my team. I don’t manage conflict the way I used to. My only regret that I didn’t start earlier.”

Marketing Director- IT