To open up: to leave the known and encounter the new. 

For creativity to be possible one needs to make oneself available once again. Openness is a skill. It is not limited to R& D, marketing

or a few selected departments. In a changing world, the life of an organization depends on the capacity for openness of all its stakeholders. Openness to the imagination and to new mental

models is the key to overcoming the sclerosed rationality and the habit of downloading old thoughts. This is a major challenge for

each individual and for society as a whole.


Openness, a condition for innovation and for life

Cultivating Openness

To grow is to outgrow a limitation. There is no going beyond a limitation without going through fear. Yet, passing through fear, brings inevitably a feeling joy, the joy of life.

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Some keys to openness

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Openness and presence are not intellectual endeavours, nor final

states that can be acquired once and for all. They stem form an active experiencing of one’s whole being in the moment. In a state of openness, one experiences the connection between

the rational mind, the emotions, the body and the mysterious

source of inspiration. When you look at your team and your

activity with a fresh sense of wholeness and openness,

new ideas and possibilities emerge.

  1. Learning journeys

  2. Resourcing retreats

  3. Creativity developmental process

  4. Facilitated work with image, voice, movement and rythm in

  5.     seminars,

  6.     teambuilding processes,

  7.     large group meetings and leadership training

What does your heart crave ?

When were you last enchanted ?

If you dared, what would you do ?

If your life was a painting, what would it show?

If your project was a tale, what would it say?

If your organization was music, how would it sound?

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Presence and Leadership training

Leadership embodiment gives you simple and immediately accessible tools for increasing the qualities of leadership presence.

Developing one’s somatic awareness and intelligence is

a great tool for all leaders. It allows for an enhanced capacity for inclusiveness, listening without taking things personally, and advocy without aggression

We run regular seminar throughout Europe.

Embodied Leadership training is based on the work of Wendy Palmer. It is derived from Aïkido and mindfullness principles.

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